There's a big world out thereMore businesses are getting an online presence as a shop front is not enough these days. Have the ability to sell to your customers 24/7/365

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Website Design

Great for the small business At Birch Webdesigners we haven't forgot about the small business. We have a solution for all budgets. With sites starting from £199.99.

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CMS Web Design

Keep your own site updated CMS Sites are easy to update, as the site runs on a template system and you can make all your changes via a web browser, no special software needed.

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About Us

We are part of BirchHosting, the award winning host in the UK. We have a simple philosophy, "look after the customer or somebody else will" we have a massive following in the web hosting world due to our fantastic support given to our customers. Over the time we have had customers asking us to recommend web design companies, to either carry out overhauls of their sites or build new ones. Unfortunately this was not an easy task finding reliable design companies, that either didn't deliver on schedule, budget, or the customer just didn't get what they wanted.

With this in mind we decided to make website design available to all with a clear pricing structure. We are not scared of hard work here and expecting you to pay our wages for the month, as you will always get great value for money. We also put your site on our award winning web hosting and you only pay the standard rate at renewal, you will not get stung on renewals either so  your are safe in our hands.

If your a business looking for a simple two page site, and (we believe that every business should have an online presence) you know that you will receive our fanatical support and creative expertise with any site designed by us. 

We are a Lichfield Web Design Business based in the UK, with UK servers and support. With our fanatical support, super fast servers, and out SEO skills we will get your site ranked quickly in the major search engines.

We are passionate about designs take a look at our latest projects, you can see we love design, and you will only receive what we are prepared to put our name to. As always sites will be delivered on time in budget every time. Each page has approximate pricing to give you a guideline of pricing, but please get in touch for a individual quotation.